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Hardy Built Fastener System 

The Hardy Built Fastener System is made from high quality American Steel.  It’s galvanized by means of annealing to make it very weather proof and is paintable.

Each fastener is made up of a securing plate, a spring clip and a strike plate.  It’s a 3 piece assembly that joins two panels of a package together.

The spring clip adjusts itself for material shrinkage and expansion due to temperature or humidity variations

They are easy to install.  There is no need for any extra pins or positioning blocks.  Hardy Built Fasteners work great as a solo act.

The spring clip slots into a metal strike plate, preventing wood or plastic box materials from wearing out at contact point.  Many of the components are interchangeable providing for a variety of set ups.  This is a very adaptable fastener system.

They’re easy to open and close with a flat screwdriver or even a bayonet for military applications.  Hardy Built fasteners can be locked or sealed by inserting the Hardy Built  Locking Device. 

These fasteners are one of the easiest to install.  They’re also extremely durable and will last many trips without breaking.

Hardy Built Fastener Systems meet military specifications and promote “Operational Readiness”

Key Features:

  • Strong and durable
  • Quick to assemble in an easy four step system
  • The Hardy Built Fastener System provides maximum repeat usage without causing damage to the container


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