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Environmentally friendly VCI’s

At Protektite, we pride ourselves in offering a range of products that lessens our impact on the environment and helps us to keep our world in good shape.

Our reusable fasteners make it possible to ship a variety of products back and forth through the logistics chain without making excess waste. This eliminates the use of raw materials and the resources used to harvest and process them. Reusing is one step ahead of recycling.

Our VCI products are biodegradable, 100% nitrate free and non-carcinogenic. We believe that the long term health of our customers and our employees is of the utmost importance.

Our film foil barrier uses less material and works more efficiently to produce less wasted material. It also does a great job of preserving your products and preventing costly rework that would use additional resources.

Non-Carcinogenic Materials

Nitrites are a known carcinigen that are used in a large percentange of corrosion inhibitors on the market. Exposure to Nitrites and nitrosamines are known to cause cancer and other health problems. Our VCI’s and products are 100% Nitrite free and offer you safety and peace of mind to the people handling and using these products.

Biodegradable Corrosion Inhibitors

Our corrosion inhibitors are designed to have a minimum impact on the environment. They will protect against and inhibit the formation of rust and are 100% biodegradable.

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