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VAPPRO 9837 Water Based Coating

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VAPPRO 9837 Water Based Coating


*24 VAPPRO 5 VCI Emitters per Case  




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VAPPRO 9837 is a Water Base VCI Rust Inhibitor specially developed to replace conventional oil based corrosion inhibitors.

VAPPRO 9837 has excellent corrosion inhibition properties for combating corrosion on copper, steel, brass, iron, etc.

VAPPRO 9837 is a free flowing brownish liquid.  It turns clear when dry on metal substrates.  It leaves behind a thin layer of slightly tacky corrosion inhibition film which provides excellent corrosion protection.

VAPPRO 9837 can be easily removed with any water based degreaser.

Key Features:

  • Multi-metal corrosion protection
  • Self-healing VCI film
  • Provides immediate corrosion protection
  • Slightly tacky
  • Water based emulsion
  • Easily removed by any alkaline degreaser
  • Effective protection
  • Easy application


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