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VAPPRO 829 VCI Enviro-Wrap

  Product Description    

VAPPRO 829 VCI Enviro-Wrap


  • Roll – 10″ x 500′ x 50lb Kraft Paper (3 Rolls Per Carton)
  • Roll – 20″ x 500′ x 50lb Kraft Paper (1 Roll Per Carton)
  • Roll – 30″ x 500′ x 50lb Kraft Paper (1 Roll Per Carton)




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VAPPRO 829 VCI ENVIRO-WRAPis cold seal cohesive VCI paper engineered for multi-metal corrosion protection. The ingenuinity of its packaging concept and design helps consumer cut back significant packaging scrap ratio and eliminates the need for packing tapes  Thus, it reduces packaging cost and increases productivity at the same time as the packing process is reduce to one simple step.

Key Features:

  • Multi-metals protection
  • Natural grade paper; eliminates package contamination
  • Effective against aggressive environments including humidity, salinity & sulphur dioxide
  • Biodegradeable & Non Toxic
  • Conforms to military specifications MIL-P-3420G & Nato Stock # 8135-32852382
  • Protective VCI film on metal part does not need to be removed prior to usage
  • Protects metal parts from corrosion during storage, transit and overseas shipment
  • Superior moisture barrier
  • It sticks to itself and not to your product.
  • Wrap and seal items without tape, glue or staples.
  • Application is fast and economical either by hand or machine

For a full list of features and specifications, please be sure to download the Material Safety and Product Information sheets.

For military applications, NSN and MIL specifications will also be listed on each product sheet.


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