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Film-Foil Moisture-Barrier

Product Description
Protektite TMF-275 Foil Film  

*20 Rolls of Protektite TMF-275 Foil Film per Skid

Protektite TMF-275 Foil Film

Protektite TMF-275 is an industry leading, laminated foil composite barrier material, ideal for making vacuum sealed moisture barriers..

This multi-layered material provides a very low Vapour Transmission Rate (VTR).  Because of its industry leading, proprietary, design formula, the foil layer in TMF-275 does not puncture when creased or crinkled.  Since the VTR is in the foil layer, impermeability is maintained at full capacity; resulting in a more air tight envelope.

It is suitable for the manufacture and production of pouches, envelopes and bags of all sizes and applications.  This can be accomplished with a standard or rotary heat sealer.

Choose TMF 275 Film Foil for a virtually airtight envelope.

Your valuable products and assets will be DRY, SAFE, SECURE  in Protektite TMF 275 Film Foil

TMF 275 was developed and manufactured  to use less materials.  It’s tougher, lighter and thinner.  That makes it easier and more consistent for heat sealing; reducing labour costs and increasing reliability.  It also makes less waste than other barrier materials, reducing our footprint on the earth.

Easier to seal…Puncture resistant impermeability  …..Less environmental impact.

TMF-275 complies with all technical aspects of MIL-PRF-131K Class 1 – Plastic Packaging (non-woven) performance requirements.






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