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About Protektite

Protektite, based near Toronto, Ontario specializes in product and asset protection. Protecting your assets from the dangers of corrosion, long term storage and transit damage is our business. We have chosen only the best products, to make that possible. Our exclusive range of high quality products includes a wide variety of anti- corrosion products, rust inhibitors and cleaners. They’re environmentally friendly, 100% Nitrite free and non-carcinogenic. So, we’re pleased to provide you with a safe, secure and effective product. Our proprietary film foil provides a better seal and keeps product dry, better than anything that we’ve used in over thirty years of experience. In addition to these two excellent product lines we’re proud to offer the Hardy Built Fastener System. For long term storage in any sort of reusable container or box, this is the reusable clip system for you. We have good people; good products and we aim to help you preserve your assets.

Our Story

Protektite was started in 2012 with a strong foundation of knowledge in the packaging industry. The principles of the company drew on more than 30 years in business, using various materials in our custom packaging business. Long term testing and experience enabled us to identify the best products. We only carry the best so that you get the best results. We also support local economies. So, all of our products are either made in North America or have Canadian content. When we support our own economy we provide for the future and keep Canadians employed. We believe in supporting the Canadian economy. When your assets are stored securely and products are shipped safely our businesses succeed. Like our motto says, let us help you to keep our economy “Dry, Safe, Secure”.

Our Team

Our team of well trained and experienced shipping, storage, protection and VCI experts are here to help. At Protektite we are fortunate to have a group of dedicated and talented people. Combine this with quality products and you get a winning combination. We offer you expert advice, training and guidance. We’re here to help!

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