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  • Anti-corrosion Specialists

    We specialize in environmentally friendly, anti-corrosion products, wrapping materials and reusable packaging to preserve and protect your valuable assets.

    We preserve and protect valuable assets for Pharmaceutical, Mining, Nuclear, Cement, Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Marine, Rail, Capital Equipment, Tooling, Construction, Automation, Original Equipment Manufacturers.

    We have the solutions for keeping your products and assets DRY SAFE SECURE. Don’t let corrosion, contamination or damages interfere with your company’s future plans. We can help you to set up your transportation, asset preservation and maintenance programs.  Contact Protektite now to learn how we can serve your needs.

    Corrosion Inhibitors

    Corrosion InhibitorsDuring shipping and storage, moisture, ambient chemicals and temperature combine to cause corrosion.  We have the solutions to prevent that from happening.

    We offer a full range of anti-corrosion products, cleaning agents and rust remediation products.  Our VAPPRO brand products are from the VCI family of volatile corrosion inhibitors to protect your products and assets.

    VCI is a chemical formulation that forms an invisible, ionic bond or molecular connection with metals.  VAPPRO VCI products are formulated to work on all types of metal.  This is a true multi metal solution for your anti-corrosion program.  When the temperature, and humidity conditions are most likely to cause corrosion, our unique VCI formulation steps up its effectiveness.  VCI works continuously to combat and prevent corrosion.

    Your valuable products emerge from shipping or storage in pristine, original condition.

    We provide VCI products in a variety of formats.  These include, wrapping materials, liquids in spray or manual method, emitters and cleaners

    Our VCI products comply with Military Specifications

    We’re very proud to represent a unique line of effective VCI products that is Nitrite free and non-carcinogenic.

    Corrosion problem?  Our team of experts has the solution and the products.

    Moisture Barriers and Packaging Materials

    Moisture BarrierWe offer a variety of moisture barriers, wrapping and cushioning materials.

    We are especially proud of our TMF 275 Foil Film Moisture Barrier.  This is a heat sealable (weldable) moisture barrier allowing the production of vacuum sealed envelopes of all sizes.

    Your products can be protected, using a vacuum-sealed, moisture-barrier.  This barrier or envelope controls the environment that surrounds your products.  Our heat sealed (welded) foil envelope, is virtually air tight.  All barrier materials allow a small amount of vapour or air to penetrate.  But our film foil is more than 12 times more impenetrable than regular plastic sheeting.

    In this sealed environment, the ambient conditions are controlled, eliminating water and corrosion damage.
    When storing your assets, for extended periods of time, our technicians can recommend the appropriate application of moisture and or corrosion inhibitors.  Your valuable products emerge in pristine, original condition.

    Easier to seal…Puncture resistant impermeability  …..Less environmental impact.

    Reusable Fasteners

    Reusable FastenerHardy Built Fasteners are a versatile clip system used to make a wide variety of reusable packages. Pallet Rings, demountable plywood boxes, hood boxing, trade show cases, inspection hatches etc. This is a very adaptable fastener system.

    This fastener system is tough and durable; outlasting many other reusable fasteners on multiple shipping trips.  Our fasteners are designed and manufactured in the USA from high grade, locally manufactured steel.

    They are very easy and economical to install.  There is no need for any extra pins or positioning blocks.  Hardy Built Fasteners work great as a solo act.

    They’re easy to open and close, lockable  and extremely durable. For tough, convenient, reusable boxes choose the Hardy Built Fastener Systems.

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